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How much more power does it add?

A filter is not a pump, it cannot add any more air than the engine would take if it had no filter at all. Our big goal is engine life.   Your expensive engine will make no power at all if not protected from dirt and dust that will destroy it. A turbo charged engine makes its power from the amount of boost it produces, a properly sizes filter will not affect the amount of power the engine makes as the computer determines boost levels that control power.   A brand new stock filter will flow more than enough to feed your engine, the problem is the flat panel filter is small and everything that goes in is stuck to its flat surface.   Our Heavy Duty round filter elements don't even see a lot of the dirt because it is throne out of the air stream before it gets to the paper media.

Why paper instead of oiled gauze?

Dry paper is the best media available for protecting your engine. Our Donaldson brand elements use heavy-duty paper media that are rated at 99.9% average efficiency for dust removal per the SAE J726 test specification.   Oiled gauze style filters do flow a lot of air because they are very porous until they get enough dirt on them to filter as good as paper, at that point, they don't flow any more than paper would. So how do you protect your engine until they get dirty?   The tractors that built the freeway you drove here on are protected by the same technology we use, why should you settle for less?

How long does the filter last?

It is impossible for us to tell how long your filter will last, it is based on the conditions you use your truck in.   You should see two to three times the filter life of what you are getting now.   We recommend using your filter minder gauge (which does work on our canister) to monitor the element and changing the filter when the gauge reads 25% or greater.   Changing before the gauge goes off is just a waste of time and money.

What does it fit?

This kit fits all 1994 to 2002 Dodge Ram vehicles that are equipped the Cummins Diesel option. It does not fit the   2003 or 2004 version Diesel trucks but we will be doing one soon for those.   We are constantly working on kits for other vehicles, or if you have a problem vehicle that needs a filter kit, please give us a call.

How long does it take to install?

Installation is very simple requiring only basic hand tools. Your stock intake hose is reused along with the sensor removed from your stock air box.   No drilling is required   and it takes less than an hour to bolt in for you to start protecting your engine properly.

Where can I get replacement filters?

The UMP Superfilter comes with a premium Donaldson filter installed, we feel they are the highest quality available. They are available from us or there should be a heavy equipment filter supplier in your area.   In addition, replacement elements are available or can be ordered from your local NAPA store.

Does it affect my warranty?

No.   Federal Law prohibits manufacturers from voiding warranty claims if the after market part is not responsible for the damage. We have heard of voided claims with oiled gauze filters, and since ours is far superior to stock, there should be no issues.